Horshoe Lodge ViewsNestled in a 611-acre mountain park and bordered by a 17,000 acre San Isabel National Forest roadless area, a stay in the lodge offers access to the park’s 3 miles of unpaved roads for walking, 6 miles of trails for hiking, and connection to many more miles of National Forest trails. At an altitude of nearly 7000′ in southeastern Colorado’s Wet Mountains, the area boasts a rich and unique ecology of native plants, migrant and resident songbirds, wildlife, plus lots of blue skies, sunshine, and Milky Way nights.

These all combine to make a stay at the Horseshoe Lodge a place to rejuvenate, explore, adventure, reflect, or just be with yourself, with others, with Nature.

Note that the Horseshoe Lodge at MPEC is a retreat and educational facility. As such, guests for wedding parties and groups attending Pavilion weddings are expected to adhere to Lodge rules that do not allow loud, disruptive, or drunken behavior when in and around the Horseshoe Lodge.